Xamarin Forms Masterclass


This is a premium masterclass that is designed specifically for you to take your Xamarin Forms development to the next level.

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This masterclass was set up to help you take your Xamarin Forms development to the next level.

The masterclass starts with basic introductions to the Xamarin Forms controls such as Grid, StackLayout, ScrollView, and other Controls and then moves on to discuss advanced concepts such as Custom Controls, Bindable Property, Custom Renderers, Behaviors, Triggers, Control Template, Device Responsiveness, and Dependency Service.

The Masterclass then goes on with the development of two complete mobile applications. The first application is a budget/expense tracker where we used advanced features such as Custom Fonts, Custom Control, SQLite with Entity Framework, Visual State Manager, and Custom Message Box.

The second application is an eCommerce application with an API backend service. In the API service, we looked at the concept of a code-first database approach with entity framework, user registration, JWT Token, and finally deployed the API on a local server. The mobile application part featured the use of Shell in Xamarin Forms, Singleton Application Pattern, saving JWT token, and concluded with Stripe Payment Integration.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to design good looking mobile applications and other mobile application tips using Xamarin Forms.

In the end, you will be glad you enrolled.