Oludayo Alli

Using Ellipse Geometry in Xamarin Forms | Food Menu App in Xamarin Forms

Did you know that you can create a perfect circle in Xamarin Forms using any layout or control? In this video, we will create a Food Menu app in Xamarin forms and make use of the ellipse geometry to demostrate how to clip any control into a perfect circle. ✅ Recommended Book: https://amzn.to/3dciLeq Source Code

Implementing Flip Animation in Xamarin.Forms

Hello Friends, We will be implementing Flip Animation in Xamarin.Forms using Xamarin.Forms CarouselView. The CarouselView is a view for presenting data in a scrollable layout, where users can swipe to move through a collection of items mostly in horizontal form. Get Source Code

Xamarin.Forms Expander | Create Expandable List in Xamarin Forms

Let’s make use of the Xamarin.Forms Expander to create and expandable list in Xamarin Forms. Creating an expandable list in Xamarin Forms use to be tricky but now with the new Expander in Xamarin Forms, it is quite easy. Let me know what you think about this Xamarin.Forms Expander implementation in the comments section. Get …

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Play Video in Xamarin Forms

Have you been looking for a way to play video in xamarin forms or stream video in xamarin forms? Let’s take the journey together to see how easy it is to display video in xamarin forms.  Get Source Code