Xamarin.Forms Masterclass



More information: support@devcrux.com

Proposed Mobile Applications

We will develop these applications from start to finish (Including the ASP.Net Core Backend)

  • Chat app with integration
  • E-commerce app with payment integration
  • Budgetting App

What to Expect?

The masterclass will be active for eight weeks and the content is going to be determined by the current level of the participants. This is done so that the content will meet your specific needs. After eight weeks, you will still have access to the content of the classes

We will also be having live sessions at intervals to further answer questions about grey areas.

This is how it will be structured:
  1. A survey will be passed to participants to understand their needs
  2. Videos will be recorded, grouped and hosted on a training platform that address your specific needs. (This is needed for structured training)
  3. Weekly one-on-one interaction to further answer questions about grey areas.
  4. Weekly group interactions to share knowledge. (Optional)
Proposed start date: 22 June 2020