Error Code -1073741792 (0xc0000020) While debugging Windows Store app

Are you getting error code -1073741792 (0xc0000020) while debugging Windows Store app in Visual Studio 2017 with the following error message?

The program ‘[10204] AppTest.exe’ has exited with code -1073741792 (0xc0000020).
Activation of the Windows Store app ‘da948166-6801-4a87-a655-3ab556220de4_594fk28n7wngm!App’ failed with error ‘The app didn’t start’.

Here are some of the steps that I have tried.

Non-Working Steps:

  • Repaired Visual Studio 2017 – No Solution
  • I have done a clean install of Visual Studio 2017 – No Solution
  • Disabled & re-enabled Developer Mode in Windows Setting – No Solution
  • Checked Windows for integrity violation using sfc/scannow – No Solution
  • I opened projects with Visual Studio 2015 and I got the same error.

Some Working Solutions:

  1. Run your project in release mode. This will works fine. (pending the time the Visual Studio Team wake up to their responsibilities to resolve the debug issue).
  2. If you are doing a C# UWP app, you can go to Properties->Build and Check Compile with .net Native tool chain – You have to do this for every project but note that it doesn’t work for some projects and I still don’t know why.


  1. Roll back to the point before the problem started (the down side is that all your stress, energy and resources that you put to either upgrade your OS or VS 2017 will be a waste and you won’t be able to work with the latest release of either or both product)

I hope I have saved you some stress? Leave a comment below.

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